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uTree Urban Photovoltaic Tree by Xabier Perez de Arenaza

Posted October 9, 2012 in

uTree Urban Photovoltaic Tree is the new and better version of the old Urban Tree concept submitted for the “Plan Solar de Navarra” competition. As you can see, compared to the old model, both this urban tree design and functions have been improved and modernized. The basic idea was to create urban structure for the city that utilize solar power, it has to be self-sufficient and it has to be multi-functional. Therefore, the main design enables this concept to be used as street lamps, traffic lights, thermometer, clock and so many things.

Designer : Xabier Perez de Arenaza


Since this concept is inspired by a tree with its roots, branches and leaves, you probably already familiar with the shape and form of uTree Urban Photovoltaic Tree. The innovative design allows each uTree to be connected all together feeding the grid with electricity to support other public services such as trains or buildings (townhall or cultural centers).

At this moment, this industrial designer is looking for financing in order to create the first working prototype. This will enable him to evaluate the cost and benefit for uTree Urban Photovoltaic Tree real use in a city.

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