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Ski Resort Cabin by h2o Architectes

Posted October 24, 2012 in

h2o Architectes managed to squeeze a whole lot of apartment into one small space in the most creative of ways in their recent project, The Cabin. Asked to redesign an apartment in a ski resort in Menuires, France, the team increased the bathrooms from one to two, found room to house eight beds, all while keeping the foot traffic separate. Now that was a tall order.

They flipped the typical spatial design on its head by not trying to find a way to fit furniture into the space but instead decided, “to fit the apartment into the furniture.”

 To do this they designed a huge wooden curve through the whole apartment connecting all parts of the space. It also houses all of the furniture and everything needed for daily life – we’re talking stacked beds, storage, seating, kitchen, etc.
Curtains are placed throughout to add privacy when needed.

The curved wall is made from an American walnut plywood to give the space a cabin-like feel.

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