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Greens Voice Speaker Extends The Life of Empty Plastic Bottles

Posted October 5, 2012 in ,

Used bottles can be utilized to create unique speakers with unique sound characteristics as well using Green’s Voice. It’s a creative device that you can connect to any bottles to create your own speaker instantly. Instead of purchasing speaker, a music device that uses significant plastic, wood, or metal materials for its production, why not re-used empty bottles?

Designer : Lin Nien-An and Cheng Ya-Fang

Green’s Voice system consists of speaker driver and a custom designed rubber cradle, thus allowing you to easily mount a used bottle, this bottle also functions as an enclosure to amplify the sound. This concept device will greatly reduce amount of material used to produce a speaker enclosure not to mention any transportation costs. It offers a second life to unused bottles.

This sustainable concept is made of environmentally friendly, biodegradable PLA material. Paper battery is used to power the system, this kind of battery offers 10 times longer lifespan than regular lithium battery.

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