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μcar Electric Vehicle Typology by Dr Lino Vital Garcia-Verdugo

Posted October 2, 2012 in ,

μcar (read : mjukar) is an electric vehicle typology for the city as part of this automotive designer PhD research. The μcar is a feasible alternative to car within cities (reducing typical problems linked to pollution, pedestrian safety and traffic congestion).

The main goal of the μcar is maximizing adaptability for different urban scenarios and individuals, while improving the feasibility of existing electric powertrain technologies. This double goal translates into an exposed vehicle architecture that is both modular and lightweight. Moreover, this city car would be road legal too (quadricycle, categories L6e and L7e), with a body structure that would equal the levels of protection offered in conventional cars.

Designer : Dr Lino Vital García-Verdugo

In terms of design, the μcar typology introduces a new design strategy that uses technical minimalism as a resource to reinforce urban performance and user acceptance. This design strategy combines vehicle engineering with product semantics to integrate design and engineering from the conceptual stages. The design also considers the integration of future technologies such as driver-less control or augmented reality.

The result is a new family of vehicles that redefines urban mobility, introducing a qualitative improvement in terms of efficiency over cars, and a unique design language. The pictures illustrate the design included in the PhD thesis.

Some of the technical specifications are listed below:
Hub-motors, Max. Power 20 HP
9kWh Li-ion battery, providing a range of 80 km under real-world driving
1+1 staggered seating layout. Seating position higher than in
Conventional hatchbacks and sedans.
Length-width-height: 2.2 m / 1.4 m / 1.5 m
3.1 meters turning radius
Body structure: Safety cell plus front, rear and lateral crumple zones
Weight: 370 kg (approx)

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