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Be Your Own Barman With Enkaja Bottle

Posted October 24, 2012 in

Enkaja Bottle is a concept bottle that you can use to mix different ingredients and create your own cocktail. It was inspired by wide variety chemicals, mixing different elements can create something new, different and surprising. Each bottle is composed of smaller bottles or tubes with bottom plug and top cap to enable each one to be attached to another. In this way, you can combine and test different kind formula to create your signature drink.

The Base (400ml) : The livelihood of the cocktail, juice and the main flavor of our mix.

The Spirit (300ml) : The soul of the mixture, the alcoholic beverage of our choosing.

The Touch (200ml) : The delicate endpoint that provides an authentic and distinguished flavor to the mix.

Designer : Tatabi Studio

Enkaja Bottle comes with a booklet with different kind cocktail recipes including some tips on how to mix some of most popular cocktails. Simply choose the bottle that you like, remove the bottom plug and screw those pieces. Shake well and enjoy.

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