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Remodeled Renault Alpine A 110-50 blends in the eminent brand's legacy

Posted June 21, 2012 in , ,

The Renault brand line looks quite monotonous compared to the posh wheels churned out by others nowadays. Given that the car’s design is in need of a complete overhaul, there definitely isn’t a better way to give the fleet a revamp, than to mimic the design of the much coveted Renault Alpine A110 with modern sensibilities. Outdoing designer Yann Jarsalle’s brutal plan to celebrate the brand’s legacy and 50th anniversary of Renault Alpine A110 will not be that easy. Don’t be surprised if the car races ahead of all the heavy competition in the market.
Hints of the old car will be maintained, but despite this, the remodeled speedster will look cutting edge. The new look is brought about by the de novo Renault design language created by Laurens van den Acker in collaboration with DeZir concept. This new fangled design style will be retained all across Renault’s future models. The speedster will be given a tubular carbon fiber exterior that looks somewhat like the chassis of the Mégane Trophy race car but has been hardened a bit. The look, without a doubt, reeks of the Renault heritage.

The hi-tech cockpit inside has literally been transported in here from a racing car. Matching with the speedy image outside are the car’s engine and motor works. The improvised engine performs better and is maneuvered using the paddles on the steering wheel. The inlet on the roof takes in air and routes it to the 3.5 liter engine. The 400 hp speedster zips around using its twin plate clutch and the semi automatic sequential unit transmission.

Via: Diseno Art

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