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Bubble Baby Bed : Futuristic Baby Crib That Was Inspired by Russian Tumbler Toy

Posted June 21, 2012 in

Bubble Baby Bed is definitely not your traditional baby crib. It was inspired by the image of a baby sleeping in a cloud of soap bubbles, but this bed is not just a fantasy of futuristic crib, it’s functional as well as emotion-evoking child care appliance. Watch as the baby cuddle on this futuristic cloud-like pillow through this crib see-through body, you can rock the baby to sleep.

Made of acrylic plastic, Bubble Baby Bed has been designed to mimic the famous traditional Russian tumbler-toy. It rocks at all sides but always returns to the upright position due to its Plexiglas weight center. The soft stopper is used to prevent the bed from moving when the baby is asleep.

Plastic is not scratch resistance, therefore the crib is finished with special coating. Together with Nanoformula, they’ve made a special nano tech coating, especially for this baby cradle. This formula enhances the surface of Bubble Baby Bed by improving its optical transparency and dirt resistance, cleaning would be really easy, simply use dry cloth, no chemical detergents.
The pure wool mattress would keep your little ones comfortable, even you would love to have Bubble Baby Bed for yourself.

Designer : Lana Agiyan

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