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LG Wireless Charging Pad LG WCP-700

Posted April 2, 2011 in , ,

If you desire a charging pad for your LG phone, then check out the LG Wireless Charging Pad LG WCP-700. This wireless charger will allow you to charge your LG phone like magic. Just place it on the charging pad and charging will commence.


It may seem like magic, but this device uses something more down to Earth. It uses inductive charging technology. You can be sure that your phone is charging thanks to visual, audio and tactile feedback which will tell you when it is placed properly and display the charging status. You can expect the LG WCP-700 to arrive in April for $69.99.

We aren’t sure which LG phones will work with it, but hopefully that info will arrive soon. Glad to be living in a world where we can charge gadgets just by setting them down. Can the Star Trek transporter be far behind?



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