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Pocket XShot Camera Extender

Posted December 4, 2010 in ,


The Pocket XShot from, you guessed it, XShot, is a retractable monopod extension for your camera, that at 6.5 inches folded, will do a pretty good job of fitting in your pocket.

Extending to 30.5 inches, it gives you enough distance from the camera to photograph yourself without looking like you’re doing a self-arm-shot. In fact, it’s enough distance that you’ll even be able to take photos with a small group.


The Pocket Xshot also works as an extension for tripods, because it has a tripod socket at the base. It fits any compact digital camera, probably some DSLRs as well, and if you buy an extension case for the iPhone 3 and 4, it’ll fit them as well.

Lastly, you won’t have climb the shoulders of that guy named Butch at concerts in order to take photos of the band, and the Xshot gives you this undeniable pleasure for $30.


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