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Take iTunes playlist WithMe on Android

Posted October 30, 2010 in ,

If you have gobs of music in your iTunes account but you aren’t a fan of the iPhone and you don’t want to have to carry an iPod along with your smartphone in your pocket, WithMe has launched and will fix this problem. That is assuming you are on an Android smartphone.


WithMe is an Android app that will let the user wirelessly synchronize and download complete iTunes playlists to their Android phone over WiFi or the mobile network. The app will let the user choose from specific playlists in iTunes rather than just grabbing everything when you might not want all your tunes on your mobile phone.

The app needs that network or WiFi connection only when downloading the tracks. After the download is complete, the music can be listened too without a connection. The WithMe app is on the Android Market right now for $14.99. You can try it for the first 30-days for free to see if you like before you buy.

Via Android Community


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