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Babyoom Turns from Stroller to Tricycle, Includes Shopping Cart Too

Posted August 31, 2010 in

A concept design for the baby market, in which the device in question transforms from one thing to another, isn’t all that new. The true-blue design has to come from somewhere, right? And while many cribs out there change from their original model to a toddler bed, and sometimes even beyond, a stroller tends to stay a stroller more often than not. So you’ll have to welcome the Babyoom into the baby circle; it’s designed to carry your baby in the traditional stroller, and then become something a lot more furn for them later in life.

The concept art above shows the idea pretty well. The stroller is designed to hold your baby comfortably (even the buckles and straps look comfortable, don’t they?), all the way up until your toddler is age 3. While we think the concept looks pretty small, and primarily aimed at smaller infants, we’re hoping that the body of the design changes in some way to make room for the older child. But, as soon as your kid is ready to walk around, and start riding around on their very own tricycle, you won’t have to buy a separate device.

The babyoom will change into your kid’s favorite bike with just a few motions. And, it will still look all futuristic in the process. But, if that’s not good enough to sell you on the idea, it also changes into a shopping cart, too. That last bit seems a bit odd, but hey, if your child doesn’t want to be locked down anymore, then it makes perfect sense. Right now, the designer –Hadong Jung– is shopping the idea around to manufacturers.

[via Yanko Design]

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