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AudioSense XM Enables Hearing Impaired People To Enjoy Comprehensive Music

Posted July 7, 2010 in

Being a hearing impaired would never come across enjoying the beats and rhythms of Sakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ with AudioSense XM headphone, an innovative idea of not only enabling people with less hearing power enjoying music, also helps preventing the potential damage of ears that may arise through using headphones. I guess you already know why there is a big hole at the place where usual headphone contains the speaker for each ear. Yes, you are absolutely right, these holes make room for the hearing aids and also reduce the distortion of sound. The compact, lightweight and stylish backpack enhances the feel of music through particular vibrations for both base and treble. Another component of the concept is the user interface with a huge touchscreen LCD display that changes colors and images per music and provides various handy information and guidelines for enjoying comprehensive music.

Designer : Julia Stuxgren

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