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SteelSeries Spectrum 4xb and 5xb Available Third Quarter 2010

Posted June 19, 2010 in ,

While the big news of E3 keeps some, if not most of us busy, there’s always the other companies out there who are trying to elbow their way into the spotlight. We’ve already shown you some wires that make us want to give up wireless, so now we’ll go ahead and bring you some gaming headphones from SteelSeries that we wouldn’t mind putting on our heads right now. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the SteelSeries Spectrum 4xb and 5xb.

First up, is the high-end Spectrum 5xb. Designed for someone who wants to spend the extra money, the 5xb features extra large-sized, hear-through cloth ear cushions, designed to make wearing the headset for extended periods of time comfortable, and not just bearable. It features custom-built soundscape 40mm SunDancer (SCS) speakers, which means that you should be able to pinpoint just where something explodes, or someone’s walking, just through the speakers. The double-braided nylon cord should mean you won’t be losing any quality any time soon, and it dismantles into three parts, making storage easy enough (not that we have any problem storing headphones). The microphone is adjustable and retractable, so you won’t have to adjust your mouth to reach the mic: you can make it work for you. And, thanks to the AudioMixer that’s included in the box, you get an extra control that will adjust volume and your mic level on the fly.

As for the 4xb, this one’s more of the entry-level sort. It has the same extra-large hear-through cloth ear cushions though, but it doesn’t feature the optimized speakers. It does have the same retractable and adjustable mic, though, as well as the AudioMixer. We should also mention that the AudioMixer isn’t only for the SteelSeries headphones, but they make it possible for you to connect any headphones/mic that have a 3.5mm jack into it, meaning you could, potentially, use any headphones you want. Not sure why that’s bundled with headphones, but hey, stranger things have happened. No word on pricing quite yet, but they should be available some time in the third quarter this year.

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