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Lightweight Concept Car Can Split Into Two Segway Bikes, Just Like That Of Batman Can

Posted June 22, 2010 in ,

If Batman is proud to be a owner of a car that can split into becoming a motorbike, you can also have the same self-righteous through Lightweight concept, a lightweight futuristic car that features the ability of transforming the rear wheels into two segway bikes, which is higher than the number of bikes Batman’s car can be. The key point of the car, being lightweight, has been achieved by comprising two parallel side panels and a combination of several cross panels. The cutting-edge design of the car is no less exciting at all than that of Batman, to some extent; it will be more alluring and acceptable to the users with its unique and realistic form. To sustain on the future condition when fuel would be a vital lacking, this concept car has been designed with maximum energy efficiency.

Designer : Bobin Kil

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