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Cool Shelving Addition: Plus One by Matthias Ries

Posted June 28, 2010 in

Here is an interesting and very cool idea for some bookcase extra storage space. “Plus One” comes from Matthias Ries and it has a fresh and youthful feel. This unusual shelving addition is not only functional, but also surprisingly sleek. It can help improve the look of a dull bookcase and it can also emphasize on those books or magazines one considers special. An the same time, it makes them a lot easier to access. “Plus One” could also be used for storing CDs, pencils and so on. This cool shelving extension comes in a walnut or maple finish, which makes it pretty exclusive. There is also a knitted “decorative” element available, in order to connect the addition to the shelves. What’s your opinion? Could this item really be useful?

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