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Pearl Media Center PC

Posted December 14, 2009 in ,

The Pearl Media Center is a computer for home entertainment and basic work like office, internet, instant messaging, watching movies, listening to music, seeing pictures and light 3D games. It is powered with Intel’s Atom Processor and Nvidia ION Technology, for multimedia functions.

The Pearl has a touchscreen LED panel 320mm in width, 2.39:1 aspect and 1080p resolution support. The display covers the compact keyboard and it slides and inclines 60 degrees to better view when using as a notebook. Also, in the sides of the LED display there is some multimedia lighting sensors for easy access to music, pictures, movies, TV, volume control, navigation keys to Media Center and other keys like play, pause, stop, forward /backward, REC and On/Off.

Under the left Multimedia panel is the Blu-ray drive. Note that it doesn’t works with a tray, it works just, like a car’s DVD Player or Dell Hybrid Studio Drive.

But, the big secret of this multimedia player is in the Pearl Receiver. The receiver works through a wireless connection with the Pearl Mobile Media Center and connects to home theater and TV, reproduces the screen and sound coming from the Computer. It works with some classic outputs like HDMI, optical and aux. port for sound, and video component.

There is an energy adapter to power the Pearl Receiver. Also, it could be configured to send images and sound to the Mobile Station, so you could watch TV on the computer in any room of the house in the range of the Pearl Receiver (like 10 meters stable).

At last, the two spheres works like support and one works like energy adapter for the mobile station and connecting it in the back of the Pearl MMC, the computer can works just like a digital picture frame, sound stations and still connect to the Pearl Receiver sending sound/image if the user wants.

A trick that could be used in the Pearl Media Center is the voice recognition to change music and pictures, change channel of TV and pause a movie when the user is busy.

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