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New Lacie cables designed to prevent cord tangle

Posted November 16, 2009 in ,

Typical computer cables are unsightly things that just get tangled and ugly, which is why we're always excited at advances in wireless technology. But LaCie's new computer cables have a simple design twist that actually gives them aesthetic value: They're flat.

The LaCie Flat Cables come in different colors according to their interfaces.... Since the cables are flat, they are easy to coil and to carry--you'll never have to deal with another tangle of wires behind your desk or in your laptop bag! Each cable comes with 24 adhesive labels, so you can customize your cables and always know which device is plugged in.

Our new range includes seven different interfaces: USB A to B; USB A to Mini B; USB A male to A female; FireWire 400 to FireWire 400; FireWire 400 to FireWire 800; FireWire 800 to FireWire 800; and eSATA to eSATA.

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