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Bloom Cooking Device by Aakanksha Rajhans

Posted October 14, 2012 in

BLOOM cooking device becomes a handy tool in the kitchen. As its name suggests, this device features the form of a flower ready to bloom where those petals are made up of high strength, heat resistant, non-stick material. The round base acts as a heating surface. BLOOM is controlled via touch sensitive panel on the back of the stem, you can determine the heat, the intensity as well as the stirring action.

The petals can turn at speeds ranging from 10rpm to 8000rpm, it’s a way to stir or cut any food you’ve placed inside the container. The mixing action is done through the rotary motion, you can control the opening or closing of those petals/blades (speed and degree) according to your need.

Designer : Aakanksha Rajhans

Due to its sophisticated design, you might think cleaning it would be pretty difficult. BLOOM cooking device features the ability to exhaust high-pressure steam to ensure even the most stubborn food stains would come off from most difficult to reach spots. It’s pretty hygienic way to clean if you think about it. After the steam treatment, all you need to do is to wipe this device with cloth.

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