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Arion Clothing Ironing System Is The Best Lazy Way to Iron Your Clothes

Posted September 30, 2012 in

Arion clothing ironing system is the best lazy way to iron your clothes. The main goal of this project is to revolutionize the way we iron clothing, it’s a hassle-free ironing process that provides you with fun and pleasurable experience. This home appliance is certainly perfect for students and young professionals, simple, easy and fun to use, it reminds you when you use hairdryer to dry your socks.

Arion clothing ironing system works by utilizing the power of hot air, pressure (from plastic membrane) as well as moisture to easily remove wrinkles from clothes, fast, efficient and effective. The airbag used for the process is constructed from a porous plastic membrane, so that when inflated, it expands and applies even pressure on the entire surface of the garment. The gentle pressure straightens out all wrinkles from within, the hot air helps speed up the process. Aside from straightening your clothes, Arion can also be used as cooling/heating fan.

Designer : Nigel Roddy

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