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Soundalier creates an acoustically refined environment

Posted June 21, 2012 in ,

A chandelier can spice up the look of any given interior with its delicate appearance. They illuminate the area in a warm are and inject magic into the space with its daintiness. But, how about opting for a chandelier that won’t glow at all? Sounds weird! One look at Soundalier and you will be left impressed, especially if your love for music is above everything in this world.

Designed by Lindsey Adelman and Kiel Mead, Soundalier was specially created was a part of the Noho Design District Festival 2012 where it won a lot of accolades for its brilliance and exquisiteness. Soundalier will unfurl a wonderful auditory environment in the coziness of four walls. It deeply explores the options accessible to interior designers as well as architects to create an environment that is absolutely magnificent.

The lighting elements in this unique chandelier have been swapped with 3 wireless speakers by Sono’s Play along with contemporary metal chandeliers from Adelman. Acoustic experts gave handy tips at the festival, which guided people through all the acoustic principles of diffusion, reflection and absorption, which will in turn get the most out of sound experiences that they long for. The library at the festival was modified in terms of interior designing according to these principles, which gave birth to surroundings that were acoustically refined to enjoy quality music.

Via: Mocolocco

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