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Red Pop iPhone Camera Button

Posted June 17, 2011 in , , ,

The iPhone 4′s camera takes some pretty decent photos.  However, if you stumble to hit the shutter button you could end up with a blurry photograph.

The Red Pop is a device that slips onto the dock connector end of your iPhone, and using an accompanying app allows you to capture photos by, what else, pushing down on its big red button.  The design incorporates a textured plastic grip overlayed onto a metal barrel.  The name pays homage to the father of Red Pop designer, Brendan Dawes, who was a red headed sports photographer.

Until hitting for additional funding – it’s now doubled its goal of $20,000 – the company was entirely privately funded.  So if you pledge $75 you’ll get your very own Red Pop iPhone accessory.  This price included worldwide shipping.

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