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Looxcie 2 the Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder Drops Weight and Size, while Increasing Capacity

Posted June 16, 2011 in ,

The first Looxcie by all accounts was a revolutionary step in terms of Bluetooth headsets.  But the company went back to the drawing board and today announced the next iteration of the device, the Looxcie 2.  It’s 20 percent lighter (just 22g) than the first version and almost half the size.  They’ve also improved the resolution to 480p, making it much more relevant by today’s video standards, though users can still opt for 320p if they wanna save some space.  Two versions will be available4GB and 8GB, providing 5 hours and 10 hours of video respectively.  Looxcie has also developed a few attachement for those in the extreme sports category, allowing them to attach the device to helmets and other head gear.  Expect battery life to cap out at 4 hours – we’re not sure on standby time.

In case you forgot the Looxcie is on of the first Bluetooth headsets which allows users to record video while simultaneously connecting to a smartphone for telephone calls.  The first iteration of the device recorded on a 30 second loop until the user hit a ‘save’ button, where upon the video could be sent to a phone for distribution.  It’s not clear if this version will have a bigger loop, but here’s hoping that you can customize it.

The Looxcie 2 is available now for $199.99 and 179.99.  If you like them on Facebook you’ll save an additional $20.

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