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The LG E2290V Is World’s Slimmest Monitor

Posted December 10, 2010 in , , ,


LG just poured onto the world another slimly build monitor, so slim and wispy in fact that the term poured does not seem out of place. I suspect they have fairies or goblins hidden away in some factory magically pouring these things out of thin air and into Ultra Slim displays.


The Ultra Slim E2290V Full HD LED-backlit Panel has a 21.5 Full HD display and is non-reflective, which, if it was, the fairies and goblins would be punished for severely.
It also has 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 2ms response time, 250cd/m² brightness, 2ms response time and 170/160 degree viewing angles.
It is LG’s claim that the E2290V is so unbelievably slim that it has outslimmed any other monitor that ever existed, making it the slimmest monitor in the whole world.

How slim is that? 7.2mm slim. And it costs €329. Buy it, or hope for the elves to use their superior magic to conjure an even slimmer device, but know that chances of that are slim.


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