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Waterbirth Vessel Concept to Support Mommy Feels Free, Comfortable, and Safe

Posted July 9, 2010 in

Have you ever thought of installing a waterbirth vessel which looks way more comfortable than a bathtub? Well, this Waterbirth Vessel is specially designed by Darling Dushinka for to-be-moms and it comes with adjustable seat, massing jets, overhead bars and supports and a shotgun seat for the daddy-to-be. In addition, this tub features a waterfall model to entertain the mother. A gentle lighting system is also incorporated. You can surely plan to have a safe and big hot tub party at your residence with this Waterbirth Vessel. Overall, the concept looks great and if improved with other health check facilities, it would really put birthing moms at easiness.

Text from designer :
When the expectant mother gets in the Waterbirth Vessel, she instinctively choreographs her own birth dance. These pictures show most of the waterbirth positions that women apply to manage their labor.

The Waterbirth Vessel is designed to support and encourage any labor position while providing the necessary structural support so that the mother feels free, comfortable and safe.

The Full Circle waterbirth suite is designed primarily to serve the expectant mother and her child. It aims to provide the best maternity care using natural and non-obstrusive methods supported by the latest hospital technology.

Full Circle is a fist class facility that encourages the mother to manage her labor according to her natural maternal abilities. Because the mother’s companion and her birth attendant are present, she is free to compose her own birth experience without fear.

Designer : Darling Dushinka S.Gonzalez-Duskin via BornRich

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