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Peg shaped LED Lamp illuminates all parts of your home

Posted July 6, 2010 in

Designer Natasha Romanova’s LED Lamp promises to illuminate any part of your home. The unique design of her lamp is suffused with utmost simplicity and immense functionality. The lamp design derives inspiration from pegs normally used to hold clothes on a dry line. These pegs made from waterproof recyclable plastic are fitted with 6- LED lams and two rechargeable batteries charged from the wireless charger in a shape of a tree. Apt for use under wet or cold conditions each peg can be turned on or off attached to any surface for lighting. Each peg can work for up to 4-5 hours after 30-40 minutes of single recharge. The lamp’s exclusive design which makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor activities certainly deserves a thorough applaud.

Via: Natasha Romanova

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