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Razer outs awesome Tron keyboard and mouse

Posted June 28, 2010 in , ,

As a child of the 80, you can bet I watched Tron enough times to wear out the old VHS. I love that movie and blew more than a few weeks’ allowance playing the arcade game at the corner gas station. With the new Tron flick set to launch soon there are all manner of new toys and other items coming to market to rekindle those childhood memories.

Razer has a couple Tron gaming peripherals coming to market, and they are very cool the accessories include the Tron: Legacy gaming mouse and a gaming keyboard. The mouse is a 5600 dpi unit with a 3.5g gaming grade sensor.

That slick keyboard is festooned with programmable keys, macro recording capabilities, and a detachable number pad like the Microsoft SideWinder X6. Naturally, the peripherals will have glowing blue stripes. Pricing is set for $79 to $139 and availability is unknown.

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