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Organic Protein Printer Utilizes Protein Liquid To Generate Particular Ink Patter On The Paper

Posted June 16, 2010 in

“I know it sounds kind of odd, but I strongly believe it is the future of product design” When the designer himself comments on his own concept in this way, what do you expect me to write? One thing for sure is, this might be the weirdest and the most unique concept I’ve ever written about.

Appearance wise, anyone can mistake organic protein printer with a blender machine. Basically, the main idea of the concept is to produce substrate (paper) and ink pattern on it through harvesting energy from a protein liquid. The concept was inspired by the work of a group of scientists who were able to boot up synthetic genome in a cell for the first time ever. Just like animals consume food and water and transform them into cells, babies or in case of birds, eggs, this printer can metabolize protein liquid and creates particular pattern on the paper.

Designer : Juan Carlos Garzón O.

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