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Spycam Lighter Camera

Posted December 10, 2009 in ,

There are so many items that could be spying on us today and we might never know. This one is a video camera disguised as a standard classic style lighter. The only problem with a spy gadget like this is illustrated below.

“Say, you don’t smoke do you?”
“Then why do you have that lighter there on your desk?”
“Oh I just started.”
“I see. Why do you keep pointing it at me while we talk?”
“I’m just fidgety like that”
“When I walked in, it was on the floor. Then you picked it up and positioned it-. Nevermind. I’m being paranoid.”
“What you think this is a camera? You think I’m after some upskirt pics? You’re silly. Anyway, where were we?”

Creepy no? Only $59.99.

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