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BlueParrot B250-XT Bluetooth headset

Posted December 30, 2009 in , ,

There are uses for a Bluetooth headset other than for hands free driving in a car. Users can use the headset at their computer for VoIP conversations without having to speak into a mic standing on a desk or built into their computer. VXI has a new Bluetooth headset called the B250-XT BlueParrot wireless headset that will work for multiple uses.

The headset has a single earpiece that is worn on one ear and a boom mic that puts the microphone close to the lips of the wearer. The device uses Xtreme Noise Suppression technology that claims to be powerful enough to block the sound of an 18-wheeler engine, wind, or power tools from your conversation.

The device has a functional range of 66 feet and full volume adjustment built-in. The device has a talk time of over 16 hours and ships with foam and leatherette ear cushions. The headset is compatible with any computer or cell phone. The B250-XT is available now for $119.99.


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