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Brother Quattro 6000D: Future Sewing Machine with LCD

Posted November 21, 2009 in ,

 Brother quattro 6000D machine embroidery, which is laden with computer technology and make a new one can switch to become embroidery, without having to take the course first.

Machine embroidery, which has one equipped with LCD screen size 4.5 x 7 inch with the level of acuity (sharpness) high.

To create a motif, you can download via a USB connection that has been provided and the example of the motive we will be able to see through the screen.

Brother 6000D quattro also has been equipped with a small camera (called InnovEye) under the embroidery needle so that we can see directly the results of embroidery to avoid mistakes.

There has been no detailed information about how to work the machine embroidery, but this one looks like it will be easier for everyone to do the work in the embroidery embroider.

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