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New Griffin PowerDock and Apple iPod accessories

Posted October 10, 2009 in , , ,

How many Apple iPods does Griffin think that we all have in our house, as their new for 2008 PowerDock has the feature of charging four iPods at the same time? I would not worry too much about this new PowerDock; however it is the new iPod accessories lineup from Griffin for 2008 that is more interesting.

Here is a list of the new range, RoadTrip with SmartScan, iTrip, iTrip for iPod Nano, TuneFlex AUX, PowerJolt, PowerBlock, and PowerDuo. All of these accessories are a nice little lineup from Griffin and really does get 2008 off to a good start. However I do have to question Griffin with the release of their Elan Form Cork for iPhone, this iPhone cover is made from cork and I have to ask myself “what is the point,” it does not even look that nice, and cork is not exactly known for its strength.

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