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Kiwi Mouse Comes Out of Hiding

Posted October 15, 2009 in ,

Want an all new mouse design? Well take a look at this new breed of computer mouse invented by Grant Odgers. His Swiftpoint Slider is a wireless magnetic mouse that does not require a battery and is designed to slide over the keypad of a notebook computer, turning the computer itself into a mousepad. The mouse is tracked by electromagnetic sensors fitted under the computer’s keyboard. Mr Odgers also unveiled the Swiftpoint Triped, a version of the device that works on the same principle but is designed to replace the pens used with tablet computers. Canterbury University associate professor Andy Cockburn carried out trials on a prototype built by Mr Odgers in 2006 and says the Slider works better than one might imagine. Tests on a prototype built by Mr Odgers in 2006 showed his mice were 20 to 30 per cent more efficient than using a conventional notebook touchpad, Professor Cockburn says. It’s small, handy and doesn’t require a space to work!

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